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Final Fantasy Character Battle

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Saturday, September 4th, 2004
7:16 pm - Allright, kids, somethin' new.. ish?
Locke sees something shiny...

A man clothed in some funky blue is sneaking around the corner, in some screwed up world where all Final Fantasies have been combined... when he bumps into none other than... Zidane!

Locke just says, "Oops, sorry." picks his pocket, and tries to walk away, when Zidane grabs his shoulder. Zidane then gives poor Locke a good smack in the face.

Locke: Oww, what was THAT for?

Zidane: I'll be taking back my wallet now, I need it for a date.

Locke: Your wallet? What're ya talkin' about? And why in hell do you have a tail?

At which point, totally randomly, Fighter and Thief from the original Final Fantasy run in and start mucking about. All of a sudden the screen shifts, and Zidane and Locke find themselves locked in a battle to the death vs their distant ancestors, Fighter and Thief! =O

So, how does this one play out?

Zidane and Locke, unwilling allies...


Fighter and Thief

Whaddya say, y'alls?


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7:07 pm - That's all, folks!
The last round done, we now have a winner to this tournament!

Flags are unfurled at the bottom of the tower of the Cult of Kefka! The celebrations are on! People are using cheap magic like Fire on eachother, for of course this tower is for Magic users! And since Kefka is crazy, so are we all! ^_^

Well, it's finished. Kefka is officially the most badass baddie ever. Don't blame me, this is just the democratic decision of the voters. O_o;;

Anyways, this is another post where you guys can all make suggestions. I'm gonna post the next battle too, and hope you all enjoy the fun!

The party rages on...


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Tuesday, August 31st, 2004
4:28 am - Round 5
The last in this particular series is this one. The winner of the previous battle is Kefka. Since I'm not too terribly familiar on the storylines of anything before 6 since I don't own any of them or have any borrowed aside from 5, (I never did like 5 though... >_>) we're gonna try Kefka and Sin. I don't wanna hear any comments about who the real baddie behind Sin is, since this journal might be followed by people who haven't finished Final Fantasy X. And that's a pretty big spoiler.

Now today, the final battle in the little tournament, held near our favorite sponsor, the Gold Saucer! (yes, Final Fantasy VII's world is gonna be screwed after all these boss vs boss fights.) Today our current champ's opponent is the mighty Sin, destroyer of Spira, the baddie that just doesn't die! For 1000 years since the destruction of Zanarkand, he has threatened the watery landscape, destroying villages, towns, and the occasional city too!

Now, we all know Square-Enix's Final Fantasy team's habit of putting final baddies in that are kinda... out there. One of the good things about VII, while Sephy might not have been the one pulling the strings, at least Jenova was there throughout the game, had a reason for being at the end of the plot. And Sephiroth was truly corrupted by her, too, so he made a pretty nifty 'problem'. But I digress.




Who will win?


Progress: As of 7:04pm Sept 4th, the votes are as follows:

Kefka: 7

Sin: 5

We all thought Sin was gonna win, but I guess maybe not. Seems as far as I can tell, it really only takes a couple days for everyone to vote, so... I'm also hoping some of those Kefka fans will stick around to vote on people aside from Kefka too! ^_^ Well, I think I'll declare Kefka the winner since I'm bored of this too and wanna start some other battles.

current mood: tired

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Friday, August 20th, 2004
3:24 pm - Round 4
Today's battle will take place in Time Compression, just because the concept is so damned cool! XDXD

Today we have Kefka, our current champion, facing Ultimecia, the sorceress from the future! Now kids, let's remember that Kefka IS a god, and Ultimecia just has a great quantity of borrowed god powers. (read the info in the 'help' section to find out! ^_^) In the great realm of Time Kompression, where the scantily clad black winged woman with an odd accent makes her home, we hold this faaabulous battle! So, 'ultimately', as the audience, it is up to YOU to decide THIS!




Who will win???


Progress: As of 4:26AM August 31st, the score is approximately as follows.

Kefka: 9

Ultimecia: 3

It's pretty obvious, since we haven't gotten any votes in awhile, who the winner is. Now, pardon my laziness as I make the next battle.

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2004
10:33 pm - Round 3
Well it's time for the third battle. This battle has to go in the winner's world, and as such going up in the Colosseum of the FF6 world. Yay for freezeframe animation on the part of the baddies.

Anyways, today's battle happens in a roman-style Colosseum somewhere in the northwest of a cold, mostly dead world. New things don't grow very well, the atmosphere and weather've still gone crazy. A true monument to the crazy power of Kefka and his Light of Judgement.

But his challenger has destroyed a world too. His challenger, is none other than Trance Kuja. An extremely womanly, and yet powerful, foe. Thanks to him, the strange and beautiful world of Terra is no more. His Ultima spell is enough to knock you dead no matter how strong you may be.

So, between these two powerful fighters...



Trance Kuja

It is up to you! Who Will Win??


Progress: As of 10:44pm August 13th, the votes are as follows:

Kefka: 5

Trance Kuja: 2

Progress: As of 3:23pm August 20th, the votes are as follows:

Kefka: 6

Trance Kuja: 4

Leaving the winner as Kefka for this one. I'm gonna do one or two more of these and then we'll move on to doubles with heroes.

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Friday, August 6th, 2004
1:32 am - Round 2
Today's battle is gonna be a toughie. Considering the responses I got on the previous battle, I decided this little treat would just be eyecandy for those who like REAL power battles. Just think Dragonball Z level fighting. You know, where they zip across the sky and throw powerballs at eachother. :)

The Battle

Today, Dio would love to welcome a traveller from a foreign land into the ring today! Today's battle is too high level for the Gold Saucer Arena, so instead we have decided to hold it in the desert! Sunscreen costs 1GP!

Get ready folks, for the Battle of the Century...




Which is more powerful? The powers of the Three Goddess Statues, or the powers of Jenova? Only you, the viewer, can tell!

Who Will Win?


Progress: As of 3:52AM August 8th, the votes are as follows:

Sephiroth: 5

Kefka: 4

Not enough votes! Tell yer friends! Spread the word! C'mon, or else the next battle won't go up! O_O;;

Progress: As of 10:31pm August 11th, the votes are as follows:

Sephiroth: 5

Kefka: 6

Still not enough votes, and I'd miscounted Kefka's last time anyways. But since this isn't likely to get many more votes, I think it's time for us to move on, eh?

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Thursday, August 5th, 2004
4:37 am - First battle
Alright, we're gonna go with classics first. This first week will be the all-time classic of Cloud vs Sephiroth, because I think it will be a good place to start. So...

Today's matchup in the Gold Saucer's battle arena is...




*loud cheers from arena sides*

Cloud is equipped with the massive Ultima Weapon, won from the flying boss of the same name! Sephiroth is equipped with his famous Masamune, the legendary blade of superior length that only he knows how to wield! The choice is up to you, the viewer!

Who will win?

(they're lookin' at you.. thinkin'... Enough Theatrics!! Get on with the damned show!!... so get a move on, girl!)

>_> Enjoy!


Progress: As of 12:02pm on my somewhat fast computer clock, Mountain time, the vote is as follows:

Cloud: 3
Sephiroth: 9

Progress #2: As of 1:27am Mountain time, the vote *should* be as follows, I may have miscounted...:

Cloud: 4
Sephiroth: 13

Either way, Sephiroth is winning. I'm highly doubting Cloud can catch up, so I'm moving on to the next battle.

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3:48 am - First post
This one's a log entry. I will post the battle soon. Until this place gets popular, I'll probably do them on weekly basis, or until a character gets 25 or 50 votes. Since I AM x-posting everywhere, I don't know how many quick friends I will get.

Anyways, any thoughts on the first battles? And if you check the interests, any new interest ideas? Thanks!


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